Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Paragliding Training

The best way to learn paragliding is by joining a school. You have to learn the basics from an instructor who has at least four to five years of flying experience and who has flown at various locations and in different wind conditions.

Our Training Courses: The first few lessons are always on a one to one basis. This ensures maximum attention from your instructor at all times.The atmosphere on the courses is very friendly and the key word is fun! We try to create a very relaxed environment but the most important thing will always be the student's safety. Training is given by instructors who are themselves active every day and they enjoy teaching. We never forget what it's like to be a beginner and appreciate individuals pace of learning.
Our courses are divided into two modules - Winch based module & Hill flying module. Our winch based module is unique, safe and most economical way of getting into paragliding. Very few other flying schools in the world can match our expertise and costs in training students by winching. We have trained over 1000 students through this method of training.

THE BASIC WINCH LAUNCHED PARAGLIDING COURSE ( This is course is suspended till further notice)
It is one of the most exiting courses, surely helps one to build a firm learning foundation in Paragliding. The students are carefully guided throughout the training period physically and mentally. The flying is conducted with the help of a winch. The Paraglider pilot is attached to a rope, wound to the winch drum at the other end on a plain ground. As the winch operator winds the rope in the drum, the pilot gets pulled with the paraglider, which inflates and starts rising with forward motion and takes off. After gaining the desired height, the winch operator cuts power. The paraglider pilot immediately releases the rope and gradually glides down to the landing area.
This is a preferred method of training as compared to directly launching from a hill. It is advantageous because the student in progressively launched higher and higher, starting from lesser heights like 50 feet. The landing area is a plain ground, which is much safer, compared to the rough terrain of a foothill. The strain of climbing the hill a number of times is also eliminated. Since the physical effort is less, one could launch a number of times without getting exhausted. Three qualified and experienced paragliding instructors on the field control the entire operation.

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